IMSAI 8080

My very first computer system, purchased in kit form via "Byte Shoppes" in Denver and Omaha among other places, and carefully assembled over many days and thousands of solder joints, was an IMSAI 8080 (which later had a Z-80 processor board fitted).  I got it in around 1976, and hauled it with me when I went to college in 1984.  It moved houses again with me in around 1999, and was finally given to my good friend Chris in 2023 when I moved from the US to the UK.  Chris spent a lot of time correcting some bugs in the design, replacing defective ICs, and patching software.  He had it working quite well, with an 8" floppy disk drive, ADM-3A video terminal, and a paper tape reader/punch, booting the CP/M operating system.  It's now in storage at his house, awaiting its next adventure.  (Photos/videos courtesy of Chris Radek.)

Mining Bitcoin on IMSAI 8080
Mining Bitcoin on the IMSAI 8080!
IMSAI 8080 booting CP/M from 8" floppy
Running CP/M on IMSAI 8080

Video of front panel while booting CP/M

Video of the Game of Life running

IMSAI running bouncing line program

IMSAI printing characters on ADM3


This article was updated on January 22, 2024