The Story So Far

I visited the UK for a week a few years ago, and fell in love with the people here.  Subsequently, I retired from my US technology job, sold my three-acre property in the country with house, barn, garage, workshop, full basement, earth-sheltered greenhouse, and a huge steel storage building.  I sold or gave away a lifetime's worth of computers, electronics, mechanisms, books, magazines, art, 3d printers, robots, unfinished projects, machine tools, hand tools, two cars, a flatbed trailer, motorcycles, furniture... the whole shebang.  I applied for and received a spouse visa to come and live with my British husband. 

Shortly after we arrived, we spent two weeks living on a rented narrowboat, puttering around the British canal system.  We immediately decided we wanted to live on a boat, so after staying in his mother-in-law's spare room for a few months while we visited all the standard tourist attractions (most of which my husband had never seen either) and shopped around for a narrowboat, we bought a 59-foot narrowboat (currently named "Pyxis" by its Australian former owners, but we're thinking of changing it) and moved our few remaining possessions and our cats onboard.

I'll probably write another post sometime about the features the boat came with, and what we've added ourselves (like lots of solar power, Zigbee sensors for temperature, bilge water detection, lighting controls, and a "Home Assistant" server on a Raspberry Pi 3 single board computer.)

This article was updated on January 21, 2024